Like eagles (Drive on top of Holy Mount )

Drive on top  of Tomorr  mountain ,one of the biggest  Pilgrim destinations for Albanians Visit holy sites ,The Teqe of the Bektashi ,Tomb of Abaz Ali and the mausoleum of Dervishes through centuries.Enjoy the 4×4 drive


Starting from 49 EUR


Group: 1-16 Persons


Nature walk or Hiking

Private or Group ,Local tour guide and  professional mountain driver. Food water and entrances included


Introduction with Holy Mountain

Bektashi – A Sufi Branch of Islam made this one of the greatest spiritual and  pilgrim destinations

The legends speaks for a temple in Tomorr where people came and sleep outside to learn its secret .Even today people from all religions come and visit the place without divisions . Sunnis and Sufi ,Christians , from all over Albania go up on the mountain every August from 19th – 21st coinciding with the time when our predecessors used to light up fires in the Holy Mount .


  • Tomorr Mountain
  • Nature
  • walking ,hiking
  • Religious
  • Monuments :Teqe ,Tombs Mausoleum
  • Bektashi branch
  • 4X4 Drive


And feel like eagles in the Holy Mountain

Please let us know for any question or suggestion. We will be happy to customize a tour for you and sure to give a better price to group of friends and families .

Have any questions? Talk to locals!


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