Albania - Hiking - Swimming -4x4 - Culture

From the ancient streets of Berat to the tranquil beaches of Gjipe, immerse yourself in the culture, cuisine, and natural beauty of this enchanting region.


€ 690 Per person

5 Days

Group: 4-18 persons

Difficulty: Medium

Embark on a captivating 4-day adventure and culture tour through the stunning landscapes and rich history of southern Albania. From the ancient streets of Berat to the tranquil beaches of Gjipe, immerse yourself in the culture, cuisine, and natural beauty of this enchanting region.

2 travelers € 880 pp
3 travelers € 790 pp
4 travelers € 755 pp
5+ travelers € 690 pp


Tour guide/Transportation/Tour Guide/Entrance fees/All taxes

Breakfast/Wine tasting and dinner on Day 1/Picnic lunch on Day 2/Accommodation  


Some of the things you would love most
  • Cultural Immersion: Experience the warm hospitality of Albania with a visit to a local family’s home in Berat, where you’ll taste traditional Albanian sweets and spirits, providing a glimpse into local life and customs.
  • Natural Wonders: Explore the stunning landscapes of southern Albania, from the rugged cliffs of Osum Canyon to the tranquil shores of Gjipe Beach, where you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking beauty at every turn.
  • Adventure Activities: Embark on thrilling 4×4 journeys through remote terrain, hike through scenic canyons, and opt for an exhilarating rafting experience on the Vjosa River, offering plenty of opportunities for adrenaline-fueled fun.
  • Historical Sites: Delve into Albania’s rich history with visits to UNESCO-listed sites such as Berat Castle and Butrint Archaeological Site, where ancient ruins and fascinating artifacts offer insights into the region’s past civilizations.

DAYS 1-3

Berat -Osum Canyon – Permet – Sarande

Day 1: Arrival in Berat

Meet in Tirana or the airport (depending on arrival time) and embark on a scenic journey to Berat, known as the “City of a Thousand Windows”.

Explore the UNESCO-listed Berat Castle, a well-preserved fortress with stunning views of the city and surrounding landscapes.

Immerse yourself in Albanian culture with a visit to a local family’s home, where you’ll taste homemade gliko (traditional Albanian sweets) and raki (a popular Albanian spirit).

Continue your culinary adventure with a visit to a local winery, such as Edoni Winery or Pupa Winery, where you’ll indulge in wine tasting and enjoy a traditional Albanian lunch.

  • Including – Wine tasting/ Lunch
  • Entrance fee Berat castle

Day 2: Osum Canyon and 4×4 Journey to Permet

Rise early and depart for the majestic Osum Canyon, one of Albania’s hidden gems, renowned for its dramatic cliffs and pristine waters.

Embark on a thrilling 4×4 journey through rugged terrain, traversing the stunning landscapes of southern Albania.

Arrive at Permet, a charming city nestled amidst picturesque mountains, and enjoy a leisurely evening exploring its quaint streets

  • Including Picnic Lunch and Dinner

Day 3: Permet Hot Springs, Saranda via Gjirokastra

After breakfast, rejuvenate your body and mind with a visit to the soothing hot springs of Permet, known for their therapeutic properties and stunning natural surroundings.

For the adventurous at heart, opt for an exhilarating rafting experience on the Vjosa River (optional activity, additional cost applies).

Continue your journey to Saranda, a coastal gem known for its azure waters and vibrant atmosphere, with a stop in the historic town of Gjirokastra along the way.

Arrive in Saranda and spend the evening at your leisure, soaking up the sun on its beautiful beaches or exploring the town’s lively waterfront promenade.

  • Including Lunch
  • Entrance fee Gjirokastra castle
  • Enjoy a wine-tasting tour in Berat
  • Full guided tour of Berat
  • Experience 4×4 Journey from Berat to Permet
  • Learn more about history in Gjirokastra
  • Thermal springs and optional rafting

DAYS 4-5

Sarande – Butrint – Gjipe – Zvernec – Tirana

Day 4: Butrint Archaeological Site and Gjipe Beach

Begin the day with a visit to the UNESCO-listed Butrint Archaeological Site, a fascinating ancient city with ruins dating back to the Greek and Roman periods.

Journey to Gjipe Beach, a hidden paradise nestled between towering cliffs, accessible only by a scenic hike or boat ride.

Settle into your accommodations in tents at Gjipe Camping and unwind on the pristine shores of the Ionian Sea, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty.

  • Including Entrance fee Butrint + Tends in Gjipe
  • Lunch

Day 5: Gjipe to Tirana via Vlora and Zvernec Island

Enjoy breakfast with stunning views of Gjipe Beach before embarking on a hike back to the parking area.

Depart for Tirana via the coastal city of Vlora, stopping en route to visit the picturesque Zvernec Island with its 13th-century monastery.

Arrive in Tirana in the afternoon, concluding your unforgettable journey through southern Albania.

  • Including Entrance fee Zvernec
  • Lunch
  • Hike to Gjipe Camping and enjoy the crystal beach
  • Butrint and Saranda
  • Travel via Albanian Coast
  • Zvernec Island


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