About us

Embarking on a journey sparked by youthful enthusiasm, the Braho brothers transformed a simple badge into the iconic “Isuf Braho Tour Guide,” marking the inception of Vato Tours. Over 8 years of immersive experiences have sculpted us into expert tour operators, offering captivating explorations throughout Albania. With meticulous coordination of accommodations and attractions, Vato Tours ensures every adventure is not just a trip but an unforgettable odyssey.

Our History

Embarking on this journey was not always a smooth ride, but it has been nothing short of thrilling! In 2013, the Braho brothers, Isuf and Alket, initiated Berat City Tours armed only with a badge and a vision. Residing in a historically rich area, they began offering free tours, providing guests with a unique perspective from two local teenagers.

Immersing themselves in the diverse cultures and languages of their guests became a source of enjoyment. One day, Alket took a trip to an internet café and printed a badge for Isuf, marking the inception of our history with the Blue Badge proudly displaying “Isuf Braho Tour Guide.”

Today, we proudly stand as Vato Tours, offering an array of tours ranging from single-day explorations to extended journeys through some of Albania’s most remote and captivating regions. With over 8 years of touring experience, we have honed our knowledge to ensure exciting, comfortable, and safe adventures throughout Berat and across Albania.

Our commitment extends beyond just tours; we meticulously coordinate accommodations, attractions, and meals directly. The team takes full responsibility for every aspect of our guests’ touring experience, ensuring a seamless and memorable adventure with Vato Tours.


  1. Booking Restaurants – Good prices for groups and individuals
  2. Wine tasting in a special small winery 12 km from Berat
  3. Folkloric Music and Dancers 
  4. Buy Local – As we all live in  Berat we can help you find authentic souvenirs and agro-products
  5. Booking of Small guest houses and accommodation in villages of Tomorr Mountain



Our tours for Berat and south 

  • Culinary: Wine tasting, Olive oil tour, Meet locals, Culinary Tours, Lodge.
  • Visit the Villages of Berat.
  • Eco-Tours
  • Nature tours – 4×4, Rafting, Kayaking, Bird watching, Hiking, Trekking, Mountain Biking Camping. Villages of South and Sleep in Local Houses
  • Unique Destinations  Karavasta Lagoon, Osum Canyons, Permet
  • Culture and History
  • Lodge and Local living in villages of Berat or in the city
  • Rafting and Kayaking Tours
  • Bird-watching and Photography tours
  • Summer Holiday in Albanian Riviera ( FB packages )
  • Multi-day tours in South Albania

Other Services

Other  Services 

  • Tour Guides: English Italian German French
  • National and International Transportation for groups and individuals
  • Transfers and Taxi services
  • Tours and Packages
  • Hotel Bookings – Best deals for groups and individuals
  • Booking of Restaurants
  • English and Italian-speaking Drivers
  • Rent A Car
  • Support for tour operators and visitors  with trip planning
  • Connecting with local tour guides
  • Souvenirs and authentic products
  • Organizing meetings  and events

Don’t hesitate to write to us with any questions – We will do our best to help  and support you 

We can offer unique Services during your stay  in Berat


  1. Albanian Hospitality– During the Visit to the Castle we can take you to local families who live inside Berat Castle. Taste Homemade Gliko, Raki, Turkish Caffe
  2. Lunch in a family inside the castle of Berat or in a village  ( max 20 participants)
  3. Tour guide for  Castle and Berat tour – Certified local  tour guides for Berat and the Castle ( English French Italian German )
  4. Keys of Churches – With a special request we can show to the groups the churches inside the castle (they are close and can be visited only with a certified local tour guide )
  5. Keys to medieval center ( King Mosque and Helveti Teqe )