Berat Walking tour  & Tasting Turkish cafe and desert



Є15 Per person.

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Group or Private : Fully Guided




Approx. 3 Hours / All year available


  • Explore the “city of a thousand windows” on foot with our local guide, discovering the historical past of Ottoman Berat.
  • Be guests in an Albanian family to taste Turkish cafe and desert
  • Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the pedestrian street, pausing at the new bridge for a breathtaking view of the city.
  • Delve into Berat’s captivating castle area, where our guide will unveil the rich history, culture, and traditions while showcasing the main monuments and sharing fascinating stories.

What's this trip about?

Walk through The Historical Past Of Ottoman Berat- Cafe and Desert tasting 

Embark on a captivating walking tour of Berat, renowned as the “city of a thousand windows” for its unique Ottoman architecture and rich cultural heritage. Led by our knowledgeable local guide, the tour begins at your hotel or our office, proceeding to the medieval center

As we wander along the charming pedestrian street, pause at the new bridge to admire a stunning panoramic view of the cityscape. Our journey continues to the castle, the heart of Berat, where you’ll delve into centuries-old history, culture, and tradition. Here, our guide will lead you through the maze of narrow streets, revealing the castle’s main monuments and sharing captivating stories about the city’s past and its inhabitants.


Itinerary focus: Walking – History

Group size -16 Persons  ( We can accommodate smaller or larger groups upon request)

Age range No age restrictions

Start in Berat End in Berat

Travel Themes History ,Walking ,Couples ,Group of friends ,City Tour

Destinations :  Berat Historic District

Trip includes

  • Local tour guide
  • Café ,Desert tasting in a local family



Starting times 09:30    16:00    ( Private tours any time from 08:00-16:00- )

  • Meet with our knowledgeable guide at our office to commence your immersive walking tour of Berat.
  • Begin by exploring the medieval center of Berat, delving into the rich history of Islam in the city and its cultural significance.
  • Continue your journey along the pedestrian street of Berat, taking in the vibrant atmosphere and stopping at notable landmarks along the way.
  • Pause at the new bridge to admire panoramic views of Mangalem and Gorica, two distinct neighborhoods with unique architectural styles.
  • Proceed to Berat Castle, an integral part of the old town, where you’ll have the opportunity to visit two Byzantine churches (subject to availability, as churches may be closed at times).
  • Our guide will provide insights into the architectural marvels of the castle’s houses before leading you to a local family residing in a traditional house within the castle walls.
  • Experience Albanian hospitality as you taste Turkish coffee and traditional desserts while engaging in cultural exchange with the welcoming hosts.
  • After approximately 2.5-3 hours of exploration, conclude your enriching tour of Berat, filled with fascinating history, architecture, and cultural experiences.


An unforgettable experience

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