Berat 4x4 Off-Road & Vineyard Wine Tasting

Malinat Village



Price Є 60 Per person

Group reservation 3-5 Persons 10 % Discount. 6+ Contact us for offers

Family discount

Trip Type

Group or Private :Fully Guided


Wine & 4X4


Approx. 5 h. All year available


  • Discover the stunning beauty of the Berat countryside
  • Visit a local winery and enjoy a wine tasting
  • Enjoy the sublime panoramic views along the way
  • Traverse Hill on a 4×4 jourrney

What's this trip about?

Wine & 4×4 through Hills

What’s this trip about?

Taste the Local wines at Malinat village, known as the village of vineyards.Our adventure begins in Berat, where we’ll traverse the rolling hills of olives and vineyards in a 4×4 expedition.Meet Hadaj family who is known for the wine production of the area and learn more about the past of the village.


Itinerary focus : Wine & 4×4

Group size -17 Persons  ( We can accommodate smaller or larger groups upon request)

Age range No age restrictions

Start in Berat End in Berat

Travel Themes Nature, Guided, Outdoor,Family Friendly, Couples ,Group of friends,

Destinations :

  • Trip includes
  • Transport non English driver from Berat to winery and opposite
  • Wine tasting 3 types of wine and 1 type of raki
  • Local snacks
  • English representative at the winery
  • All fees and taxes


Starting times 14:30   ( Private tours any time from 13:00 -16:00- )Embark on an journey through the picturesque Malinat village, renowned for its sprawling vineyards spanning over 100 hectares. Our adventure begins in Berat, where we’ll traverse the rolling hills of olives and vineyards in a 4×4 expedition. Along the way, soak in panoramas of lush landscapes. After an hour-long excursion, we arrive at Kantina Vila Hadaj, a charming local winery nestled in the heart of Malinat village. Here, the welcoming family members will regale us with tales of their winemaking heritage. Indulge your senses with a tasting of three exquisite wines, accompanied by the smooth flavors of local raki and traditional snacks. This immersive experience offers a glimpse into the rich culture and flavors of Albania’s winemaking traditions.Join us for a journey of discovery and delight in the rustic beauty of Malinat village.


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Monday - Sunday: 10.00 - 20.30