Hiking in Tomorr Mountain - North summit

Hiking in Tomorr Mountain -An epic tour from Berat to the mountainous park will take you 2412 meters above sea level. Scenic 4×4 drive through mountainous terrain. Guided by locals on top of the Holy Mountain.


Starting from 95 Euro


Group: 2--40 Persons

Hiking & 4X4

Level : Moderate

Private or Group Tour .Full day tour including: 4×4 transport ,Food,Water.

Guided by locals who live in the mountain area.


A spectacular  4×4 drive from Berat to mountainous park . Walk and high through the amazing nature guided by locals. Hike on top and click the best pics

Hiking Tomorr Mountain -Go on top of Mount Tomorr one highest mountains located in southern Albania, reaching an elevation of 2,417 meters (7,930 ft) above sea level. Tomorro is situated within the Tomorr National Park, which is noted for its diverse species of deciduous and coniferous trees and a great variety of flora. Many endangered species are free to roam and live in this area such as bears (Ursus arctos), wolves (Canis lupus), and birds of prey. Mount Tomorr in Albania known  as the Mountain of Gods, this is also a mythic area with many legends, ancient castles caves, and other monuments

  • 4×4 Scenic drive
  • Guided by locals who live in mountain
  • Hike on top Cuka Partizan 2412 m
  • Picnic on top
  • Walkthrough unspoiled nature
  • Tomorr Mountain North Summit
  • Numerous viewpoints
  • 9-12 Hours


Let the locals guide you on top of the Holy Mountain

Please let us know for any question . We will be happy to answer you and sure do give a better price for families and group of friends 

Additional info : This tour requires good walking and hiking skills .We dont suggest it to persons who suffer from health problems like : Hart problem ,Injuries ,etc 

Have any questions? Talk to Locals


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