Lodge ( Of the beaten paths )

An unique tour from Berat to the mountainous park will take you close to  small forgotten villages .  See how local live and be part of their daily life. Hike from a village to an other. See lakes ,waterfalls ,caves  In addition to its scientific aspects, the natural park landscape is a melting pot of recreation, history, and culture. 


Explore the villages of Berat – Opportunity to customize this trip

Customize – Day trip or overnight / 2 or 3 days

Starting from 150 Euro

All year

Group:2-15 Persons


Nature ,Culture ,Hiking ,Trekking

A very first time tour in villages of Berat for groups and  individuals . A tour including sleeping in local houses ,food Transport Mountain guide, mountain driver ,4×4 car.

Opportunity to customize – Day tour or overnight / 2 – 3 days tour in the villages of Berat

Day 1

A journey to Dardhe village

This village is famous for the nature and the unique views. The life here its seems like it stops 300 years before. The old typical houses are still preserve  Its an isolated village because also now days during the winter the cars couldn’t go there .
A chance to see its waterfall and 2 lakes nearby village We are trying together with some locals to show this beautiful village to the visitors

  • Old Houses
  • Waterfalls
  • Lakes
  • View points
  • Local Food
  • Walking in nature
  • 4×4 drive from Berat to Dardhe


Another scenic hike through wild nature

Summit Of Tomorr Mountain – Cuka Partizan 2416 M ( Or Tomorr Castle )On Top Of The Holy Mountain

After breakfast, we will start our Hike to the summit of the Tomorr Mountain – known as the holy mountain The summit has been a pilgrim destination in antiquity The hike to the summit offers great views Pass through the forest and take a rest at the Alpin Valley of Shen Pjeter Drink water from the fountains and proceed our journey This part of the mountain is famous for the wildlife – Lynx, fox, wild goats. If we are lucky we can see the wildlife around The hike takes about 5 h Eat the picnic madden from our hosts and enjoy the views of Albania from South to North The way back it’s easier Return in Berat in the afternoon

Option 2 For The 2nd Day If You Dont Want To Hike In The SummitHiking In Tomorr Castle

Option 2 if you don’t want to hike so Long The other option is Hiking to Tomorr Castle This hike is about 3 hours in total and it goes through the National Park Offer great views of the mountain cliffs, nature surroundings An ancient castle has been on top of the cliff That cliff is considered holy by locals and offers a full panorama of Tomorr villages and surroundings Return in Berat
  • Hiking through the wildness
  • Summit of Tomorr Mountain – Cuka Partizan 2416 m
  • Rocky and Cliff
  • View Points
  • Castle of Tomorr
  • Best nature of region
  • Sleep in Local Houses

Day 3

To Lybesh : Another great hike through nature

Lybesha is a Old village located on Tomorri Mt about 900 m over the sea level. This area is famous for the special nature. Lybesha preserves nowdays the old tradition. Some of the houses build on the rocks with stones and with the unique roofs gives us the feeling how the life was here 200 years before
All area is covered by trees and mostly from the special Tomorri Pines. The nature is untouched from the humans but not only . The agriculture and farming are what the locals do

  • See the avalanche stream
  • Explore Tomorr village
  • Caves on the way
  • Hear the legends
  • Guided by locals
  • 4X4 car to go back in Berat
  • Off road for 1.5 h


And experience the village life !

This is a very first time tour ,we will sleep on local homes where we cant find all the facilities like in hotels .  This journey is to experience the life of locals in different villages and to support them. Tour can be 1 or 3 days .Let us know your preferences and we will customize a tour that fits you well . For any question or suggestion let us know . We will be happy to hear you and sure give a better price for group of friends and families !

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